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Choi I. (KOR) v Holmes K. (USA) at the 2014 Fencing World Championships in Kazan, Russia.

Photos: Serge Timacheff/FIE/FencingPhotos

nitrii murmured: Hi, I'm a girl and i'm 14 turning 15 in December. I'm signing up for Fencing in a few days and I was wondering if 14/15 is quite old to start? I've been doing sports as long as I remember, always been a natural athlete in anything I choose to pick up but I'm still worried that Im a super late starter in fencing :( My brother and my dad support me fencing as they both did it, I would like to also fence and become very skilled in the sport, just not sure about my age and if it's to late. Thanks!!

Haha same question … 
ok … 

It is more recommended to start fencing at a young age, and at the same time its never too late, however it will be harder to catch up on to the people your age, if they have been doing this sport for quite some time before you, as their level is a bit more advanced, and doing that (catching up) takes alot of practice.. meaning if you are going forward with this you must give it serious time and dedication. As long as you train hard, it wont be a problem keeping in mind youre already an athlete… and having good athletic basis helps alot in creating a good fencer!..  also your dad and brother are there so you can always get extra help from them :) 

Good luck with it :))) nd keep me updated !!!!

zlatinascookies murmured: Is it late to start training this sport? Because I'm 15.

not THAT late … IF .. 

You work hard and catch on the moves quick, you can be as good maybe even better than fencers your age !!! All it takes is good practice and dedication to the game !!!

Anonymous murmured: i'm a sabre fencer and i was wondering how to improve my speed... will running help me get faster?

i answered this same question before .. if you search for it through my blog you might find it … 
Also you might wanna try out these exercises ( )

squidaresquishy murmured: on your comment about splits: i'm quite tall, all my friends tell me i have an extremely long lunge... i don't think anybody has ever counterattacked me and gotten away. do you think i have anything to gain from doing splits or would it be a lot of pain for not much benefit?

Definitely splits will help, maybe you might not see it now, but when playing against better/ taller opponents, you might find a difficulty reaching out for a touch with your lunge, it doesn’t only make it longer, it also makes it easier to go back/ retrieve from a lunge!! Flexibility in legs for fencers is a really important point. I bet that once you start making them it would help you even better !!!